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Om Amriteshwaryai Namaha

The Spring 2015 Jyotish tour is over and there are only appointments in April for MA Center in San Ramon, CA at this time. If you happen to attend any of Amma's summer 2015 programs in the US or Canada, you can make an appointment directly at the Astrology table after meditation.

Please read before making an appointment at the bottom of this page

Thank you for your interest in a Jyotish Astrology appointment with MA Center. If you had a consultation earlier at Amma's ashram or tour, the astrologer probably has your chart on the computer.

- Payment should be made at the time of the reading.

- All revenues are 100% used to directly support Amma's humanitarian work.

- Astrological gemstones will be available.

- Kindly read THIS webpage which answers most questions

- General guideline to select duration:

If the calendar does not show a time that works for you, please check back after a few days - sometimes new slots open up or someone changes their appointment. Look for a 30 min appointment if 45 min slots are are not available.

Questions? please email

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